Gold Union


The history of Gold Union breeding began in November 2016. It was then that I became a member of the Polish Kennel Club and applied for a breeder’s nickname. However, my adventure with the German Shepherd Dog breed dates back to 1994. I was born in a family of breeders, I love this breed, and that is why I decided to make it into my carrier. Of course, every kennel starts with a dog. For Gold Union, it was Ixie vom Finkenschlag. She came to me from Germany. It was my first dog with whom I started my path. I am talking about moving out of the family home and becoming a German Shepherd breeder.


In 2019 I started an assistant course in the Wroclaw branch of the club. Since April 2019 I have been a kennel assistant for German Shepherds - show specialization.


My kennel strives at continuous development and the ideal of a German Shepherd. A dog with an excellent exterior and psyche. Their health is also important to me. That is why the parents of my puppies are screened for elbow and hip dysplasia. The selection at this stage is very important. We choose only the most outstanding dogs and bitches for breeding. I want my dogs to accompany their owners in everyday life as their friends for good and bad.

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