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About us

I am Aneta Swiniarska and I will present to you the history of Gold Union Kennel, which dates back to November 2016. It was then that I became a member of the Polish Kennel Club and applied for a breeder’s nickname. However, my adventure with the German Shepherd breed dates back to 1994. I was born into a family of breeders. My parents are passionate about German shepherds and it is probably no wonder that they enthused their daughters with it. Since I was a child we used to go to shows together. I have always heard conversations about dogs at the table. About their character, appearance, diversity.


Parents kept saying that they were still learning this breed. They were right, breeding is life-long learning. For years we have been learning together from our observations and experiences. Thanks to the knowledge they passed on to me, my breeding, although young, is already very successful. Dogs from Gold Union are always the leading edge in Poland and abroad.

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